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Hi there, and welcome to my page!

I originally set up this home page more for my own convenience than anything else, but if you find it useful or interesting, please let me know. This page and the pages it links to will be constantly updated, revised and modified so pop in regularly to see what's changed.

The buttons down the left will help you get around the various pages and areas that I've set up here, and below I've given you a brief description of each area.

I really want to know if people find my stuff interesting, and I really want you to Email me with your comments. So please do! If you'd like to learn more about me, my background, my experiences, my career and my qualifications, feel free to check out my personal resume. And if you have some work for me, let me know!!
Craig's Amiga Resource
Heaps of links to useful Amiga resources.
PLUS! Some of my Amiga artwork and images (including the original images used in the graphic above!)
The Port Fairy Home Page
Visit Victoria's premier heritage seaside destination. Includes: a background and brief history on Port Fairy; a calendar of significant upcoming events; the Port Fairy Services and accommodation directory; and much much more!
The Miscellanea Digest
A collection of the weirdest facts and trivia, the stupidest laws and people, and the just plain ridiculous. A work in progress, so visit often to see the latest additions!
October Productions
As a freelance writer, television producer/director, web site developer and multimedia producer/instructor, I'm always on the lookout for more work! Perhaps I can help you! I'm now also an authorised importer and distributor in Australia for NOVA DESIGN products, including the amazing graphics packages Image-FX and Aladdin 4D. Check out the services I can offer by visiting my company pages.
Craig's Links Page
I've finally done it! I've finally succumbed to the temptation to upload a links page. Everyone else is doing it, so why should I be any different? From my links page you can learn about the Internet, learn about HTML, grab some resources and reference material to help you create your own web page, visit the weirdest and oddest places on the net, help for writers (fiction and non-fiction) and more!

Craig's Miscellaneous Junk
All the other things I wanted to make available to people that didn't fit in either of the other two categories!! Includes TA-DA!! ... The Delahoy Family Photo Album! I plan on adding humour later, and some other interesting little bits and pieces.

Neither Microsoft nor Netscape need my help in promoting their products.
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Having said that, I use and recommend IBrowse.

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