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Welcome to Warrnambool Hash House Harriers.

If you have come here looking for coneheads smoking a bit of weed, then you are in the wrong place!!

We are elite athletes striving to better ourselves through constantly pushing our bodies to the limit..............(Yes, I know! What a lot of Crap, these bastards never break out of a walk let alone work up a sweat!)

Is there no limit to the amount of alcohol that we consume after a brisk WALK!! But let it be known - Some DO run (If you are lucky!!!).

So if you are looking for a walk (or Run) with a difference, you are in the right place!! For our next run click on the Receding HareLine Button.

Contact numbers:- Trail Master - 0438 055 908

Enqueries by e-mail - wh3trailmaster@live.com

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